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I'm Allie Janszen

I’m a Cincy gal with a heart for empowering women and an entrepreneurial spirit that cannot be contained. Labor & delivery nurse, health & wellness coach, and business/leadership mentor are a few of my titles, but my favorite people in the world call me wifey and mommy. So what you see is what you get here: a gal who loves to help women get healthy & find confidence, build businesses & learn all of the mom-hacks to last a lifetime. Thanks for being here, friend!

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I never planned on this career path: owning my own business, coaching women through a health & wellness journey, or mentoring bada** boss babes on how to grow their businesses. You saw above where I said I’m a labor & delivery nurse, right? To say I didn’t plan my life this way is the biggest understatement, so here’s where it all started:


After baby #2, I became a FASTer Way client to lose the dreaded baby weight (and let’s be honest, gain some confidence and energy back). Six months in living the #FWTFL lifestyle, that same program would begin to offer a certification opportunity where I could coach other women through the same journey I had been on. Of course, I had to say yes. So I pulled 3k from my retirement plan to become a coach. Little did I know, that investment I made back in 2017 would lead me to the multiple 6-figure business I am running now. 


Right now, I’m more than likely behind my computer, in the gym, playing silly games with my kiddos or brainstorming new ways to help more women gain confidence in life and business, and grow profitable & meaningful businesses that allow them to have less stress and more freedom.


At the end of the day, you want to know what sets my soul on fire? Helping women feel confident and powerful, and know that they are more than capable of accomplishing even their biggest, scariest goals. So if I can instill in you just one tip, it’s this: live your life for YOU. Whatever it is in life that you do, do it for YOU. Because you are capable and you are enough.

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