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  • Allie Janszen

Don't feel guilty for enjoying these kiddie snacks!

As a busy mama, I get the leftover nibbles here and there that are calling our names as we clean up from our kids lunches. It's super easy to forget to care for ourselves and our nutritional needs throughout the day! By the time nap time rolls around, let's be real- the leftover cheese crackers on top of the high chair that require no energy or effort to pop in our mouths are calling our name LOUDLY!

I feel like we can get better nutrients than soggy crackers (even our craziest of days!).

I wanted to compile a list of a few recipes from my favorite sites to help you have some options for your busy days that would still be macro packed for you and that kids would love as well! After all, anytime we can sneak our kids some healthy options, it's a HUGE win!

Tip: Many of these can be prepared ahead of time to ensure you always have a grab and go option!

(click on recipe picture for full recipe)

1)Baked Oatmeal Cups

2)Fruit salad with Peach and mint dressing

3)sour candy grapes

4)Peanut butter protein cookies

Be sure to let me know if you try any of these recipes and tag me in your social media posts @alliejanszen. I know your kids (and you!) are going to love them! Happy Snacking to you all!

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