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Let me preface this post by saying I was NOT in the camp of finding out Baby J #3’s gender. (Total Debby Downer, right?!) But Markie Mark wanted to find out the gender with our first two kiddos, and I hardcore vetoed him. So when he asked to find out this go around, the guilt set in and I agreed.

So if we were going to do the dang thing, we were going to find out with a bang (literally!). Oh yeah, and a party. Definitely a party.

Can I be real with y’all? I was dreading this gender reveal party. I REALLY didn’t want to know if this third nugget was a boy or girl. There’s something about not knowing that I just LOVED with Findlay & Graden. And as a labor & delivery nurse, it is SO FUN in the delivery room when my patient doesn’t know what they’re having. It adds a really special element of excitement that I just can’t describe. It’s a feeling, it’s an emotion, and to me, up until this point, it has always been part of the pregnancy process.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, let me just tell you: this pregnancy has been IDENTICAL to my pregnancy with Findlay. I may share a little TMI, but we’re all sisters, here, so you get it. From the strange smells, to the tender breasts, to the funky tastes, to the insane fatigue, and the carbs… ALL THE CARBS, I felt the EXACT SAME in that first trimester as I did with Finn. With Grady, nothing. Nada. Zero pregnancy symptoms. So naturally my brain, belly, boobs and nose were all telling me this kid is a girl. No doubt about it. I don’t need an ultrasound to tell me I’m having another baby girl. But sure, Mark, let’s do a gender reveal party so I can prove to you my amazing mom instincts.

Since we have one of each gender, this baby truly was zero pressure for us. Mark wants all the boys, so he wore blue. I love all of the girlie clothes and bow and cutie little things, so I wore pink. Findlay and Grady both kept saying baby J is a boy. But mama was still convinced this baby is a girl.

I told you we were going to find out with a bang, so that’s exactly what we did. We had our closest friends and family over for a party and to shoot off poppers with blue or pink. Mark was sweaty palmed, nervous and praying for a boy. I was cool as a cucumber, confident that I knew it was a girl.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 BANG!!!



Y’ALL: Baby J #3 is a BOY! I am absolutely shocked and STILL was having a hard time believing it. So I had to pull out the ultrasound to lay eyes on that potty shot. And even then, I wasn’t convinced. I was sure that the ultrasound tech switched up my images with another patient. So when I went in for my 32 week ultrasound, I basically forced her to prove to me that Baby J #3 is a boy. Sure as sh*t, there he was in all his glory. BOY.

I am SO EXCITED to have another little man running around the house. Finn gets to remain our only princess (she told Nana after the poppers went off that she is so excited she doesn’t have to share her girl toys now). Grady gets a little bro to wrestle with. MJ gets to add another little dude onto the future Janszen baseball team. And, God willing, I get a fourth baby eventually. Huh?! Oh yeah, friends! Mark was adamant about not having 3 girls. Now that he knows that won’t happen (unless twins are in our future), he is on board with Baby J #4. So stay tuned for life with 2 wild and rascally little guys + 1 sweet as can be big sis. I can’t wait to see the adventures of the Janszen kiddos and who these nuggets grow up to be.

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