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A Mama's Guide for making the perfect smoothie

Smoothies are quick and easy. They’re nutritious and delicious. They’re loved by moms and kids alike. And they're a GREAT way to sneak in some extra fruits and veggies and fats and proteins into your (and your kiddos’) diet.

As if that wasn’t enough evidence to prove why you need to start incorporating smoothies into your diet...


Fruits and veggies. Less than a quarter of Americans consume the daily recommended amount of fruits and veggies. I can guarantee my kids fall into that category, amiright?! A smoothie is a great way for me AND my kiddos to get in plenty of healthy fruits and veggies without force feeding my kids or me trying to shovel it down the hatch.

Fiber. Smoothies are just blended up fruits and veggies and fats and proteins. This means all of the fiber is still there. YAY. And why should you care? Because fiber is an important part of your diet! It helps prevent constipation, lowers cholesterol and helps keep you feeling fuller longer.

Antioxidants. These help prevent or delay cell damage and berries pack a serious punch in the antioxidant department. This is great news! Now we can jam our smoothies full of berries to reap the benefits of those fountain of youth antioxidants.

They’re just downright fun. In our house, if you want to get my kids’ attention, just turn on the blender. They immediately come running to the kitchen screaming, “SMOOOOTHHIIEEE!” This is the one thing I can let my kids help make, and that’s what makes it fun for them and more likely for them to eat. And little do they know how dang healthy it is for them. 

Like I said before, smoothies for the win!



Making the perfect smoothie is EASY PEASY. You just need to know a few simple steps (4 to be exact) to do it. So here's the secret recipe, you ready?

  1. Choose your base (AKA: the liquid). To make your smoothie thick, take it easy on the liquids. For a runny, slurpier smoothie, fill that cup to the brim with your base.

  2. Add FROZEN fruit, veggies and/or ice. Did you see that I capitalized FROZEN? Umm... yeah, it's v important to have frozen fruits and veggies. This is what gives your smoothie that cold, smooth, creamy texture. Now ya know ;)

  3. Add a protein. This is where you add extra flavor and balance out the smoothie with a healthy protein. Nut butters, protein powders, yogurt, etc. are all good choices.

  4. Be extra. Yep, I'm giving you permission to be totally extra. Kick it up a notch by adding in some extra flavor like cinnamon, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, peppermint extract, etc.


Okay mama, you still with me? GREAT! Now you know HOW to make a smoothie, but what do you actually need to make it? I'm talking tools, appliances, kitchenware. Personally, I like to keep my smoothie making super simple to make and super simple to clean up. And for that sole reason, you won't catch me making smoothies in a blender or Vitamix or any of those big clunky appliances.

Instead, I like to keep my smoothie making to single serving sizes. Which is why I LOVE my Magic Bullet blender. The other reason I love this blender is because my kids can't accidentally stick their fingers in and.... well, you know what would happen. The blade gets attached to the cup and then flipped upside down, safe and secure and hidden from my kiddos' grubby little fingers.

Of course since we're going to be including the kids in this whole smoothie making experience, you HAVE to have fun, mess-free cups WITH lids AND straws. Really any cup will work, but these are my kids' current faves, and let's be honest, they're mine, too, because HELLO, no mess!

So now that you know the basics, it's time to start whipping up those delicious smoothies!

Well, you're in luck, because I have a smoothie-making guide filled with 12 healthy and delicious smoothies! I've even included some amazing low carb options for you, mama. So get your supplies, grab the guide by clicking the link below and get blending! Enjoy!



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