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  • Allie Janszen


Hey sis, I hate to break it to ya but... you can’t out-work your diet. Here’s another mind blowing fact (so close your eyes and close this now if you don’t like truth or reality) : that whole calories in, calories out idea that you’ve been told your whole life is a lie. That’s just simply not how it works. #sorryimnotsorry

If you want to see real, lasting results, you’ve gotta get your nutrition on track. You have to fuel your body with proper whole food nutrition. You have to track macros.

And you’ve gotta work out smarter, not harder. You have to work out because you love your body, not because you’re punishing it.

And, girlfriend, you’ve gotta give your body rest. You have to give it time to heal and rebuild.

You know what I really want for you? I want you to LOVE your body and talk sweet to it. I want you to treat your body with respect. And I want you to believe that your body will love you back if you just give it a chance by doing things the RIGHT way.

Want more info about the FASTer Ways and how to get results you want the RIGHT way? Check out my FWTFL page HERE for details about my next round.

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