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  • Allie Janszen


Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Here’s a hint: it’s NOT counting calories. Calories are only half of the picture, and really don’t tell you anything about the QUALITY of the food you’re consuming.

So listen up sis, you need to forget everything you’ve learned about counting calories. Calories in, calories out is NOT the way to lose fat effectively. Would you just die if I told you that doesn’t matter at all? Well… believe it, babe!

You see, it’s what MAKES UP the calories that really matters. The QUALITY of your calories is what is going to make the game-changing difference for you on your fat loss journey.

Don’t believe me? Okay, fine, be that way. Maybe you need a visual to convince you of this scientific fact (YEP! I went there).

You see this picture? If were were simply counting calories here, we’d be saying it’s just as healthy and beneficial for our bodies to eat a candy bar as it is to have lean chicken and some healthy veggies.

Does that really make ANY sense to say? NOPE!

So, why are we still stuck on counting calories? What you NEED to do to have effective fat loss is to start TRACKING MACROS. Ya know, macros: carbs, fats and proteins? Did I lose you?

Okay, girlfriend. If you just gave your screen a blank stare and checked out on that last sentence, then you REALLY need to get your calorie counting booty in my next FASTer Way round where we set MACRO goals that are specific to your body type and goals, and we TRACK MACROS to maximize fat loss. Do all of us a favor and hop over HERE to get ready to have your mind blown and see what tracking macros is all about.

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