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  • Allie Janszen


Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Hey gals, I want to chat about something today that has been an issue throughout my ENTIRE life (okay, that maybe a little dramatic, BUT it has been a huge part of my adult life). THE SCALE. And not even just the scale, but what that dang number on the scale has represented to me. What it has made me believe about myself and my self worth. How it affects me and my relationships: relationships with food, with myself and with my husband. And that just ain’t right!

So my challenge to you all today is to DITCH THE SCALE! Straight up smash that thing and throw it in the trash. Because here’s the deal: it is a number. THAT’S ALL! It doesn’t show your heart, your beauty, your confidence, your muscle mass, your body fat, your energy, your relationships, your self worth.

And the scale lies! I want y’all to check out this picture:

On the left, this is me feeling completely confident in myself, back to the 140s, fitting in all of my clothes and feeling like I had my groove back.

Check out me on the right. That is me after 7 months of maintaining the FASTer Way lifestyle. Nothing new. Nothing different. Same lifestyle in both images.

And you know what? I gained WEIGHT : 6lbs to be exact. That silly number I have always let define who I am went UP. At first, old thoughts crept in saying, “You’ve done so good, though! That number should be lower.” I had to squash that negative self talk IMMEDIATELY.

I had to realize something in that moment. I had to realize that between these two photos, I lost FAT. I lost INCHES. I dropped another pant SIZE. I gained MUSCLE. I gained ENERGY. And I gained CONFIDENCE.

That scale no longer had a grip on me. Because I now KNOW my worth without letting a number be the judge. That’s between me and the big man upstairs.

Bottom line... don’t let the scale define you. You are so much more than a number.

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